Politia Group is an international consultancy group established in 2000 in Athens, Greece, with offices in London, United Kingdom. Politia Group associates with internationally recognised experts in the state of the art in offering high quality Architecture, Construction and Engineering Services and Management, utilising state of the art technologies such as Virtual Reality, Building Information Modelling, Gamification, and Mixed Reality.

Our company aims to deliver our clients requirements with CARE .

Collaboration – Cooperation
A: Accountable
R: Responsibility
E: Ethos

And are delivered by our dedicated and internationally recognised team members:

Architecture and Project Management:
Mr Spyridon Defteraios
Architect Technologist: Mr Graham Terry
Construction and Engineering: Mr Dionysios Liveris
Passive Houses: Dr Carlos Bescos
Business Digital Consultancy and Education: Dr Georgios Kapogiannis
Building Information Modelling: Dr Dimitrios Papailiopoulos
Office Manager and Director in the UK: Miss Eleni Oikonomou
Office Manager and Director in Greece: Mr Dionysios Liveris
Non-Executive Director:
Dr Georgios Kapogiannis


Our Strategy is to Deliver and Meet Client’s requirements through the Hierarchy of Human Understanding known as DIKW (Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom).

We make Data and Information available to project stakeholders aiming to meet the added value of their investment. The Investment is our main driver, to ensure maximisation of our procedures and resources to fulfil project requirements. Data Management and Information ManagementVisualisation aim to support stakeholders’ understanding to design a creative, innovative, integrated and interactive environment (CI3) where they can gather, store, analyse, simulate, visualise and thus make efficient decisions.

This environment allows our 5Cs Strategy: Communication, Cooperation, Collaboration, Coordination and Culture to meet Clients’ Requirements.


Dealing with CARE

We care about our clients. Therefore
we commit with CARE:
Collaboration Accountability Responsibility and Ethos


Our dynamic staff are qualified and recognised at international level.
Successful Projects run in Greece, United Kingdom, China and Saudi Arabia with great success.


We will assure time, cost and quality is on the side of our client.
We prefer to provide competitive prices


Our dedicated team members will help the client at any stage of the project, ensuring consistency,
efficiency and meeting of client requirements.


Our clients are our signature to support
the success of your needs.


Our competitive advantage is the completion of successful projects notably in Architecture,
Design, Construction, Project Management,
Facilities Management and Building Information Modelling and Business Management in Greece,
United Kingdom, China and Saudi Arabia with great success.